Managing My Diet

When I started this blog, it was in the midst of trying to figure out while I was having major GI issues. I've edited this page multiple times as my diet has changed over the years. I have been diagnosed with milk, wheat, and soy allergies, fructose malabsorption, been told to go high salt, low histamine, low fat, high fiber, low fiber, etc. You name it, I've probably tried it at some point!

At this point, we now know that the majority of my GI problems are related to my mast cell reactions, so my diet has become less restricted. I AM allergic to milk (all dairy products), wheat, and soy, but somehow, after dealing with being unable to eat anything for an extended period of time, only having to avoid 3 of the top 8 allergens doesn't seem quite so limiting!

I do have other limitations that I just need to be conscious of, but to be honest it's a bit confusing. Because we discovered that most of my GI issues are actually mast cell reactions, my diet one day may be completely different from another day. On a good day, I have fewer limitations than on days that I am incredibly reactive. I might be limited to only soft foods one day, and the next be able to have some chicken and fresh vegetables....just like everything about mast cell disease, it can't be simple.

That being said, I do have some go to foods that I enjoy, either because I know my body can tolerate them well or because I just like them. Anyone with mast cell reading this, remember that just because these foods work for me doesn't necessarily mean they will for you. Everyone is different, so please know that I am not saying this will work for everyone, just some of what works for me.

Things I Eat When I Can Eat:
  • Drippy eggs (aka scrambled eggs)
  • Fruit - apples, oranges, grapes, etc.
  • PB2
  • Chicken/turkey
  • Cashew milk
  • Hummus
  • Zucchini, carrots, corn (always cooked!)
  • Applesauce w/cinnamon
This list is by no means exhaustive and changes from day to day. Again, most of what I eat is dependent on what my body is doing that day. On a good day, I may be able to eat little bits of all this by snacking throughout the day. On a bad day, I may eat little to no solid food at all. Hopefully as we continue to stabilize my mast cell further, my diet will continue to grow and someday I'll be able to be eating "normally" again.

Until then, I'm just thankful to be able to chew things again!


  1. I just read all of your blog heading pages and intend to work my way through your posts. You do an excellent job of communicating and I am definitely going to tell others about your blog. Thank you for taking the time in the midst of that you have going on to write all this. I appreciate the fact that you have so much education in addition to the insight that traditional medicine has far to go in this area (and others). Thanks again.

    1. Thank you Gayle! I've surprised myself by how much I've enjoyed blogging and connecting with other mast cell and chronic illness patients through it =) Please do share and follow and comment! That is the best part of blogging, connecting with other people who can relate!