Monday, May 8, 2017

Bokatopia is Relocating!!!

I'm going to take a break from regular scheduled programming to share some super exciting news. In less than a month, Bokatopia will be relocating!

Sorry VA friends, not going that far! But we are preparing to move in less than a month! Nick and I have been married about 2.5 years. We initially lived in an apartment in Tallmadge. We really enjoyed it and loved the town, but after a little over a year it became hard to afford our rent due to rapidly increasing medical expenses thanks to aging off my parent's health insurance policy when I turned 26. In Feb 2016 we moved in with friends who have very graciously adopted us as their 4th and 5th children and allowed us to live in their upstairs.

We have loved living with our friends, but as my health has continued to be a challenge, we have felt the need to be close to Nick's work, church, and the doctors I see most often. A few months ago we began house hunting with my parents with the intention of finding a house that Nick and I can live in that also has space for parents when they come out for extended periods of time with their dogs. Our goal was within 10-15 minutes of Nick's work, the ER (yes, this was important for us =P), and church. After weeks of searching and dealing with the current, crazy housing market, we put in an offer on a house in Cuyahoga Falls that was accepted. The home inspection was completed a few weeks ago, and we are starting to prepare for moving!

We are very excited about this next stage in our married life! Nick is looking forward to having a much shorter commute, I'm looking forward to having all our main living space on a single level, the dogs are excited to have a yard of their own, my parents are looking forward to being able to come out easier with their dogs to visit, Nick's parents are glad we'll be's a win all around (except for our adoptive parents who we will miss seeing every day...)!

We are also very much looking forward to being close to church so on days I'm unable to drive and Nick is serving, I still have the option of coming because we are close enough for Nick to swing home to pick me up in between services. We have missed being as involved with our church family these past few months and hope that being so much closer will make it much easier to attend events even if we can't always stay the entire time.

Even in just the short time we have been married, Nick and I have been extraordinarily blessed by friends and family who have stepped up to help us out as my mast cells have been doing their best to cause as much craziness as possible in my body. God has not failed to provide for us even in times when we truly did not see how things would work out. We can both say that our married life is not anything we could have ever imagined. But we can also say that it has been and continues to be an incredible adventure that we wouldn't want to be doing with anyone else.

And now we are on to our next adventure! Please keep us in your prayers these next few weeks. Life does not stop just because we are preparing to move...I still have multiple appointments and Xolair and testing. Nick is still working full time, and we're both managing my mast cell disease on the side and in the most inconvenient moments when my body decides not to play nice...

Please keep us in your prayers these next few weeks! Moving is stressful at the best of times, and we are working around my not-so-cooperative mast cells. I am unable to be in the house while Nick is finishing up some of the small things that need taken care of before we move, I'm not able to help with the actual moving process very much, and anything that is out of our routine has the potential to trigger reactions for me. We are excited for the long-term benefits this house will provide for us, but initially it will be a challenge. Please pray that we are able to get done all the small projects easily without any complications. Pray for a smooth moving day and that things go well and we have good weather. And please pray I don't lose any essential medications in the moving process...always a good thing to pray for =)

Thank you for always being on this crazy journey of life with us through prayer and support. We are excited for this next season of life, and we are glad to share that with you!


  1. I am interested to see where you are moving g in the falls..a house just sold next door to us and has had inspections..

  2. I hope you find some good supports in your new community. I know the mayor has made some good strides at raising awareness about many rare illnesses. Last October he did a proclamation for Dysautonomia Awareness Month then this past May he did one for Ehlers Danlos Awareness month.
    I have mast cell activation disorder as well. I only know one other person in Cuyahoga Falls with it. It be cool to find another person not feel so alone.