Thursday, May 18, 2017

And a Big THANK YOU Goes to...

You know those moments when someone goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable or welcome? And you just want to thank them but somehow words can't possibly communicate how appreciative you are for what they said or did for you? Well, I'm going to attempt to put one of these moments into words...but I hope that regardless of how well my words communicate one of these moments, that my gratitude truly comes across.

One of the things about living with mast cell disease is that every time I leave the house, I risk being exposed to a trigger that could causes a major reaction. (Now technically I can still go into anaphylaxis just sitting at home, but not focusing on that right now =P) Sometimes we decide to risk that with some careful consideration, other days it's not an option. There are some places that are "safer" than others, and it is always nice to know that we have those and be able to relax at least a bit.

I'm going to share one of those places with you and hope that you will help me truly thank the owner by frequenting this incredible local business. And since many of you know and love this place already, that shouldn't be too difficult =)

Corner Cup Coffeehouse in Stow...THANK YOU for how welcoming and accommodating you have been for Leni and me since we first walked in almost a year ago I think. Heather does not know I am writing this post, but she truly has gone above and beyond in not just accommodating my allergies but making me feel welcomed. And not just Heather, but her entire staff which is really even more reflection back on how Heather is setting the environment for everyone working at Corner Cup.

The first day I went to Corner Cup, I ordered a drink made with almond milk, only to have to ask it to be remade because it was mixed with a spoon that had just been used in a milk based drink. Not only was my drink remade quickly (and with a smile), but they asked about my allergies so they would be aware in the future. I appreciated their questions, but figured I would have to repeat myself again every time I ordered a drink. Far from that being the case, the next time I entered Corner Cup, even with different staff behind the counter, they knew what to do to prevent cross contamination. Granted, having a service dog makes me a bit easier to remember, but this was still beyond the job description of a coffee shop barista.

Months later, I walked in just after the pumpkin spice latte had returned for the fall season. That used to be one of my favorite drinks before I developed all my allergies, and I thought I would at least ask if the seasonal syrup was safe. The staff not only knew what I was asking immediately, but they had already read the bottles and had an answer for me. One of the baristas had made drinks for me many times and said she read the bottle when it had arrived because she was curious to know if there was milk in the flavoring. While I was disappointed to find out the syrup was not safe, I was very impressed with the staff again going above and beyond. These little things seem so insignificant to many people, but to someone with severe allergies and extreme dietary limitations, these minor details make a huge impact.

Just this past week, I had another experience at Corner Cup that prompted this post. My mom was in town, and we had decided to make a stop to get drinks before running some errands. Not long after sitting down, my mom heard a couple other customers talking about essential oils. If you remember, a few months ago, I went into anaphylaxis in a medical office building thanks to some diffused oils (you can read that post here). Heather had read my blog post and shared that made her aware of how airborne fumes can impact not just me, but many people with varying degrees of sensitivity. Not long after, a lady walked in with a bag of essential oils prepared to do a demo for the ladies we had heard talking about them. Unfortunately, this meant that my mom and I had to leave immediately as my throat began itching, I was developing hives, and my lips were tingling.

Leni and I got to the car so I could take my IV meds, but my mom hung back to speak with Heather and the lady with the oils for a few minutes. Now, please understand that I was in no way upset at all. I know that whenever I go out in public, I risk being exposed to a major trigger and I am prepared for those occurrences. It was a bummer that we had to leave in a hurry, but that's just my reality right now. My mom made sure both Corner Cup and the ladies with the oils understood that we were not upset but that we could not stay if they were going to do an essential oils demo. We left to run our errands and didn't give it another thought. At least not until the next evening...

The next day, I received a message from Heather that prompted this post to share how much I appreciated both her message and efforts to keep Corner Cup a safe place for me to visit.

Heather's efforts to find a way to allow people to meet at her coffee shop to discuss and trial essential oils while still trying to keep it a safe place for me to visit goes above and beyond anything a small business owner should be doing. In her message, she explained her new protocol for Corner Cup regarding essential oils and how she is going to manage these events in the future. She took the time to apologize for us having to leave so quickly the day before (which was not at all something she needed to apologize for) and shared how she was going to ensure there were no impromptu essential oils meet ups but planned in advance to allow people (mostly me) who were sensitive to avoid those times.

Remember that I am ONE CUSTOMER. Now I know there may be other people who are sensitive to essential oils or have allergies, but still. Heather and her staff have gone above and beyond to make me feel welcomed and safe at Corner Cup which, again, is a testament to the quality of the staff who work there. A few days later, Nick and I stopped by to pick up some drinks on our way to his parents. I stayed in the car and Nick went in to order. Even without me in the store, they recognized Nick and made sure to make my drink in a way that avoided any possible cross contamination.

If I haven't said it enough in this post, I'll say it again. THANK YOU Heather and the entire Corner Cup staff. You have truly gone above and beyond, and while it might not seem like much to you, it means a lot to me and my family. Thank you.

Leni says THANK YOU to everyone at Corner Cup!

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