Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Traveling with IV Meds, Tube Feeds, and a Service Dog...OH MY!!!

I have obviously never traveled with multiple toddlers so I can't say whether or not this is more complicated, but let me just say that it feels overwhelming to begin packing for a week away from home with all the miscellaneous medical supplies I will need along with any as needed supplies, just in case those as needed moments arise...

Despite the blizzard that has been dumping snow on the midwest and east coast, I am in the beginning stages of packing to spend just over a week in VA with my parents. On Thursday my mom is driving out to pick me up and bring me back to VA. While I am still able to drive, I've had such an increase in symptoms lately, I often don't feel safe driving due to dizziness or fatigue. Plus, it's not often I get 6 hours in a row without any for now, we've decided that it is probably not safe for me to be driving myself that far.

NEXT weekend we are celebrating one of my favorite holidays, Passover!!! My family has hosted at least one Seder (sometimes 2!) a year since I was about 4 years old. I remember falling asleep in the corner when I was little, hunting for the afikomen with our friends, practicing the Hebrew questions for weeks leading up to Seder, passing off the Hebrew to Devon as he got older, and now, helping out more in the actual planning and production of our Seders. The past few years, even Nick has been studying hard as one day he'll be stepping up to lead our own Seders! He is an honorary Jew now, after all!

Anyway, in addition to our Seder next weekend (SIDE NOTE: I should mention that Passover is not actually until April this year...thankfully we live under grace because this weekend really worked better for us to host our Seder =P), my mom also has a couple of events coming up for her travel business, Trippin' with Jamie. The second event is one of the largest she attends each year. I was there last year to help out, so we thought it would be good if I was there again this year.

So with two Trippin' with Jamie events (one being 2 days long), plus Seder prep, and the actual Seder...this week is already stacking up to be super busy for me considering I am barely leaving the house other than for appointments right now. But we're going to (attempt to) take it easy so hopefully I won't have a major least not until I get back home the following week...

So that's what's up for this week! I had 2 appointments on Monday (including Xolair), but then the rest of this week has been dedicated to resting, allowing my body to hopefully recover from the Xolair injections, and favorite...

Packing has never been one of my favorite activities. I always stress about whether I've brought the right clothes or enough of what I need (even more so after my run-in with an earthquake in Costa Rica in 2009...never heard that story?? You'll have to ask sometime =P). Add in essential medical supplies, and I'm always making lists, editing said lists, packing, repacking, double checking, etc. It's one thing to forget t-shirts (Devon, Eric, I'm looking at you!) because you can go out and get more if absolutely needed. But if I forget my medications or tube pads or needled syringes or other medical equipment, it's not quite as easy to replace. So the pre-packing planning, packing planning, and post-packing rechecking happens every time...usually multiple times =P

Plus, in addition to all my medical stuff (which includes daily meds, emergency meds, IV meds and supplies, infusion supplies, feeding tube supplies, and miscellaneous other medical necessities), I also have to pack for Leni (and Bonk since he's coming this time) AND remember "normal people" clothes =P

Anyway, all that to say, I'm headed out of snowy Ohio at the end of this week for also snowy Virginia. Praying my body cooperates, and I'm able to actually do some stuff instead of just waiting for yet another mast cell storm to pass...if you're in VA and would like to meet up, let me know!


  1. Praying for safe/smooth travels! Yes, that costa rica experience certainly makes one re-evaluate packing ;) What a great family tradition and special time together! Blessings!

    1. Thank you, Rachel! And yes, I think we all take "always be prepared" to another level after el terremoto! Prayers for you and the YL ministry as well!