Thursday, October 6, 2016

Where in the World are the Bokas Going?

I left off the details of my last post, but as promised, here is what's up! If you guessed Yosemite Falls (specifically the Lower Yosemite Falls, ten extra points to those of you who knew that =P) and Alcatraz, well done! In case you're still not following, Nick and I are heading to California!

My brother moved to San Francisco after he graduated from college last summer to start a job. He has been living out there since and from what it sounds like, enjoying city life (how are we related??) and his new job. Nick and I have been wanting to go visit, but with my health where it was and the cost of flying, we knew it would not be a quick spontaneous trip. And so the planning began!

We knew we wanted to go for a week since the amount of time it takes to fly (plus the stress on my body) and the cost made it not worth it for a super short trip. That was the easy decision. We also knew that we didn't want to spend the whole we in the city. We're excited to see San Francisco and visit my brother, but neither of us are city people for more than a couple of days and love the outdoors. My dad has traveled all over the world and got his 50th state last year (Washington) when we went on an Alaska cruise. Of everywhere he has been, Yosemite was one of the places he said he would like to visit again. So when my dad mentioned that it was only a few hours drive from San Francisco, we were sold!

Neither of us have been to California, so we're excited. I'm also a bit nervous because I've had a bit of a rough couple of weeks. Last week I had a bout of dehydration caused by who knows what (translation: my nasty masties...) that ended with my neurologist almost calling an ambulance at my appointment on Friday...I escaped the ER on Friday, only to end up there after using an Epipen and taking an ambulance ride Monday night...Tuesday was spent recovering from that bout of anaphylaxis, and by the evening I was also enjoying my normal post-Xolair recovery....

Leni snuggles in the ER make it so much better! Photo credit to our amazing friend, Katie =)
Thankfully, I am mostly recovered from both the anaphylaxis on Monday and Xolair injection (also on Monday). Now, I'm packing for our trip and praying for my body to start cooperating...

I know this a super short post, but look at it as me attempting to redeem myself after the encyclopedia-length posts that came after Disney. =) Stay tuned for a California Dreamin' post in about a week and a half! If you want to see daily photos of our adventures out west, follow me on Instagram (kboka27)!

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