Monday, July 11, 2016

Prayer Warriors Needed

I hate that I am so dependent on my medications to be able to function...and I hate that sometimes what seems like a small, practically insignificant detail to someone else is a MAJOR issue for me. Like the tiny mix-up that happened recently with my allergist...

Scheduling my Xolair injections is a bit tricky at times because my doctor practices out of 2 different locations. Their main location is where they receive shipments and due to some regulatory laws, they are not allowed to transport anything between their offices. That means that I can ONLY get my injections at the main office and they are only there on Mondays and Tuesdays.

I had no wiggle room for my July Xolair. The first day I was eligible for my injections was Tuesday the 5th, and I HAD to get my injections then. The following week was not an option because Nick and I had plans to go to an out of town wedding later in the week. Even though we weren't leaving until Wednesday, I get knocked down so hard form the injections, I'm not usually over them until Friday...mixing travel with Xolair hangovers is NOT a good idea.

I called about 2 weeks ago to confirm that my allergist's office had received the next Xolair injections and that my appointment was good to go for Tuesday, July 5. Everything was fine until the receptionist said that she would need to change my appointment because my doctor would not be in the office the week of the 4th (which includes the 5th in case you were wondering). I had a moment of almost panic...what was I going to do??

We confirmed that I could not get the injections until the 5th at the earliest and there would be no doctor there to administer them. Unfortunately my doctor works in a primarily respiratory office meaning there are no other allergists/immunologists on staff who are legally allowed to give these injections. I had no choice...waiting until Monday, July 11th was my only option. In the meantime, here's what my week looked like...

Thankfully we made it with no ER trip this time.

Here's where prayer warriors are needed:

Please be praying for my recovery from these injections! As I said, Nick and I are supposed to be leaving Wednesday evening for the wedding. Not getting my injections until 2 days before (especially since day 2 is usually the worst) is NOT COOL...but I have no choice.

The second prayer request is almost even bigger. I potentially have the option to receive my injections twice a month at half a dose instead of the full dose once a month. This was proposed as an option that might decrease my side effects but still give me the benefit from the Xolair. We didn't think it would be an option until August at the earliest, but considering the situation, I will be talking with my allergist on Monday if we could try that starting this month. This could potentially reduce the hangover I get and make our travel that much easier. Please pray that my doctor would be willing to listen and consider this option. Also pray that our hopes will be true and I will still get a benefit without the side effects.

I am likely either heading to my allergist as you read this or already in my appointment. Please take a moment and pray for these needs. And as always, please pray that regardless of what the answers to these prayers are, that Nick and I would be at peace and able to make any decisions necessary without anxiety or worry.

Thank you again for walking this journey with us and being a part of our lives. Some days I know I'm riding your prayers to get through. Thank you for taking time out to pray for us! Especially those of you reading this who have never met either me or Nick, know that we appreciate you so so much!

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  1. Praying that you have already had the best outcome for your needs. We sometimes walk such hard paths, but, there is higher purpose in what we are learning along the way.