Monday, June 27, 2016

You Can't Make This Up

I'm used to dealing with a bunch of craziness from doctors and such, but this story I think takes the cake (or whatever a gluten free, dairy free, soy free, essentially food free version would be.)

Most of my doctors have switched to an online portal system for results and records and messaging. While in theory this is supposed to make things easier for communicating blood work results and non-urgent questions, I found a major flaw in the system...through no fault of my own I should mention.

At this point, all my Ohio doctors except two are within one hospital system. Those are the ones that I see most often, so I rarely use the portal for the two doctors that are in their own system. A few months ago, I got an alert that my medical records had been updated, but I hadn't seen either of those two doctors in months. I logged on to see what they had changed.

That's where the fun began...

When my account loaded I saw the updates that had been made. I've been told a lot of crazy things from doctors and been diagnosed (or not diagnosed) with all sort of things that were not correct. This one though...I hope you enjoy it as much as I did (at least for the first 10 minutes...I'll explain that in a moment).

Apparently, I not only developed a problem in yet another organ, but this time it was in one that I don't even have...and I also happened to change sexes...yes, I just said that. According to the updates made to my online chart, I now had a prostate problem. The best part? It began in 1984...For anyone not catching that, I wasn't even born in 1984!

Let's just say, that got me laughing! At least for a few minutes...until I tried to resolve this issue.

Not only did I have some wrong information on my chart, but this clearly had not been entered into the correct chart. That means that someone who needs this diagnosis visible for his (no assumptions being made here, definitely a his =P) doctors is missing this piece of his medical information. I decided to call the tech support number listed on the website figuring they would be the ones to be able to fix the issue and figure out how this mistake was made so the information could be added to the correct chart.

I could not have been so wrong...

I probably spent 20 minutes on the phone with tech support pretty much talking in circles. I explained the problem and asked them if they could remove the incorrect information from my chart and trace the data to the doctor who entered it so it could be added to the right patient chart. The tech guy said that he cannot alter the medical records. I asked him what I was supposed to do about the incorrect information, and he told me that I needed to contact the doctor that put it on my chart for it to be removed. Yeah...about that...I repeated that I had no idea WHO entered the information because it was very clearly not about me. He repeated that he couldn't help me since he cannot change the medical records and told me to contact the doctor who added it to have it removed. You can see how we went in circles...

I finally gave up talking to him and thanked him for the lack of help he provided. I called one of my doctors who used the same online portal and explained the situation to the nursing staff. By the end of my phone call, I had the nurse laughing. She said they would look into it and see if they could get it off my chart. She did say there likely wasn't any way they could figure out who was supposed to have the prostate problem, but at least we know I don't anymore =P

Seriously?!?! I can't make this stuff up...

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