Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Smile Guide for Rough Days

Living with a chronic illness means that we try to take advantage of the times that I do feel good because we never know when those moments will come or how long they will last. I try to find a reason to smile every day even when it's through the tears, but some days, I just need some help. Last Friday was one of those days.

Friday was a day where my brain had all sorts of aspirations of being productive, but my mast cells cried mutiny. Those are some of the hardest days because I feel the tension in my own body of desperately wanting to be able to do things, but to be physically unable. Nick called me on his way home from work, and I said I just needed a reason to smile.

Not long after that, I got a text with the comment, "It's got the munchies!" and this picture:

I had NO idea where he was going with that especially when his next text said, "I hope you like triangles!"

He gets home and hands me a bag of moss and sand from Home Depot. I'm laughing as I open the bag because it was so random. He said that I never said it had to make sense, just that it had to make me smile. He got me there =P

The next bag had a new pack of markers for my coloring books and Tri-ominos. It's a domino-like game that was super fun, except for the fact that Nick beat me by 7 points in the final moments of the game after I was ahead by over 300 points for a while.

Anyway, at this point I was smiling and laughing because Nick had done such a great job making me smile and laugh on what had been an otherwise really rough day. But then he pulled out the last bag that he had kept hidden.

Yes, those are my very own Venus Fly Traps!!! Not sure why I'm so fascinated with these, but there is something very cool about having carnivorous plants. Although the instructions do specifically say not to feed them meat...So the moss and sand that previously seemed random were actually for my new plants. Plus he got me a bright green pot to plant them it.

We spent the rest of our evening planting the Venus Fly Traps and playing Tri-ominos which I came so close to winning as I mentioned above. Then we facetimed while I took some meds and got into bed and Nick went downstairs to make dinner.

What had been a really rough day was turned around, and I was able to go to bed encouraged and smiling instead of hung up on my discouragement and frustration. Husbands (or wives/parents/etc.) are the unsung heroes of chronic illness. Nick deals with my mast cell disease on a daily basis, just like I do. And the reality is that there is often nothing he can do to make my symptoms go away. That is its own world of hard for someone you love to watch you be in pain and sick and be unable to help. Thank you to all family members who walk this rough road of chronic illness with us every day!

We are so thankful for you! Know that every little thing you do for us does not go un-noticed. Thank you for helping us smile and laugh on days that seem too hard to face on our own. We could not do this without you!

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