Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy February!!

Just wanted to share a blog post and say that I am glad that January is OVER. Not that I don't appreciate every day, but seriously, this was a rough start to 2016.

Not only did I get admitted for almost a full week, but I've been having insurance issues and have probably spent almost the same amount of time I was in the hospital on the phone with my insurance company. Can't live with it, seriously can't live without it...

I'll be honest, I'm tired. Tired of dealing with insurance companies. Tired to having to fix their mistakes. Tired of spending half my life at the doctors. Tired of pasting a smile on my face just so people don't know how bad I feel. Tired of having reactions when I'm not at home. Tired of having reactions when I am at home. Tired of trying to figure out what my symptoms mean. Tired of having new symptoms appear that make no sense. Just tired of being sick.

BUT it's a new month! Hello Februray! While I'm going to avoid setting any sort of expectations of what my health will do (cause let's be honest, my mast cell don't play fair =P), I am ready for a new month! February is a big month in terms of raising awareness in the chronic illness community. February 7-13 is Feeding Tube Awareness Week and February 29 (LEAP DAY!!!) is Rare Disease Day, so stay tuned for some posts about that.

I do have a bunch of doctor's appointments coming up in the next few weeks. I'm going back to my GI doctor in Pittsburgh this week to discuss changing my feeding tube and doing some scopes that I need done. Next week I see my PCP and allergist again. The following week I see another endocrinologist who will hopefully be able to offer some insight on my blood sugar issues.

Busy month! And that doesn't even include the fun stuff we have planned!

We are hopefully going to head down to Columbus for a day to talk with the trainer who trained Leni and get some more tips and advice on getting her alerts more consistent. Leni is doing great and getting much more in tune with my body. She is becoming a great partner for me and we are looking forward to getting her even more consistent with her alerts especially in distracting environments.

Later in the month, Nick and I are moving! We will be moving in with friends from church who have graciously offered their upstairs for us to live in. Since coming back to Ohio after Christmas we have been wondering if there may be something in our apartment that has been triggering some of my symptoms. Unfortunately, there is really no way to tell for sure, but since our lease is up soon anyway, we decided to get away and see if that helps. While we will miss living where we are right now, we're also excited for this move. Plus, it's going to shorten my commute to work!!

 Lastly, our church's women's retreat is coming up at the end of February. I wasn't able to go 2 years ago, so I'm super excited for this year. I know this seems like a small thing to pray for, but please pray that my body will cooperate so I can go and enjoy the retreat. There are so many things that I have missed because my body just wouldn't cooperate. Sometimes the disappointment of missing another event or meeting that I really wanted to go to is even tougher to deal with than the physical symptoms. So, prayers that my body cooperates February 26-27 are greatly appreciated!

That's what coming up for February in Bokatopia! We are ready to leave January behind and the rest of 2016 to start. Thank you for coming alongside us and praying for us. We are so grateful.

Happy February to you as well!

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