Tuesday, February 16, 2016


The irony of having to cancel a doctors appointment because I'm actually too sick to make it...possibly because I was too dizzy to drive or couldn't leave the bathroom because I couldn't stop throwing up.

The ticking time bomb that comes whenever it's time to clean the toilet and the directions say it has to sit for 30 minutes. Murphy's Law ALWAYS seems to kick in right then.

When preparing to move, the most important feature of the new place is the bathroom and the amount of storage available for all the medications and medical supplies. A normal medicine cabinet just isn't going to cut it. =P

Having Leni tattle on me to my physical therapist by alerting to an oncoming reaction just as I'm trying to convince her "I really am okay."

Having my co-workers think Nick and I are super romantic since we go on so many "date nights" until they realize that actually means an ER trip.

Always being cold, but needing fresh air to keep my nausea in check...in February...in Ohio...cue chilling under a heated blanket cranked all the way up and a dog on my lap with the sliding door open to allow a breeze that keeps my nausea at bay.

Making a last minute dash to the RiteAid down the street just before community group because I realized that our sink is stained with my stomach juices from draining my G tube, we're hosting this week, and we are completely out of Clorox wipes. (If anyone from our CG is reading this, yes, this happened last time we hosted =P)

Deciding how to arrange the bedroom based on putting my side of the bed closer to the door so I'm closer to the bathroom. Not just for when my stomach decides not to play fair, but also to cut down on the amount of objects I could trip over or run into on my way.

Realizing how important it is for me not to get pulled over when driving, because there is a good chance that I couldn't pass a sobriety test even when 100% sober due to my balance issues and muscle weakness.

When it turns out that I need x-rays, realizing it might actually be faster to go to our local ER rather than just an urgent care since at least the ER has my medical history on file. The amount of time it takes to go over my medical history is probably just as long as an ER wait.

Calling my neurologist to report my most recent passing out and her comment is "at least you didn't hit your head this time" in response to me telling her I broke 2 bones in my hand when I hit it on the dresser...and realizing how right she is....

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