Friday, December 11, 2015

First Mast Cell Alert!!

You know that feeling when you spend so much time going over the same concepts and whoever you are teaching just doesn't seem to get it...but then come test time they surprise you and do great???

That happened last night...

Leni got her first "non-training" mast cell alert!!!!

I was at the annual Christmas concert at our church with my in-laws watching my husband in the choir. Leni was being great and squeezed herself into the narrow pews and found herself a spot on the floor. Just before the end of the concert, she started moving around and finally got herself into a sitting position and pawed me.

Initially I just brushed it off and had her lie down again. I thought she was just getting antsy and was ready to leave. Less than 5 minutes later, she was up again and pawed me again. I put her back into a down-stay for the second time. The concert ended, and we were just waiting for people to leave so we could get out since we were up in the front. I let Leni stand up since I knew she had been cramped for a while, and I was expecting her to be ready to wiggle around and get out of that pew.

She was a bit wiggly, but she barely took her focus off me. Even with people all over the place and lots going on (a situation where she would usually be pretty distracted), she sat and pawed me again, this time twice in a row...

My mother-in-law asked if she was alerting to something, and it finally clicked that maybe she wasn't just being antsy but was actually doing her job!

She was probably thinking, "Come on, Mom, we've been working on this for weeks, haven't you learned anything?? I smell that scent, I paw, you give me a treat, it's simple."

I finally rewarded her, and we got out of the room. It was now about 30 minutes after her initial alert, and by this point I could feel my symptoms starting. I was getting flushed, sweaty, dizzy, my stomach was cramping, I got more unsteady on my feet, and was having some walking issues. We got outside and I was able to take my meds and let them kick in before we left.

Leni was so so good =) I am so proud of her. Even when we were outside and I was doing a bit better, she barely left my side. Even when I gave her the okay to "say hi" to a friend who was with us, she looked at him briefly then was right back to me.

We were able to go home (instead of to our favorite local establishment, the Twinsburg ER), and I was able to avoid a major reaction thanks to Leni Beni. Hoping that as we both get more in tune with each other, I'll recognize her alerts sooner and she will pick up on my scents sooner so I can even prevent the symptoms that I did get.

Baby steps! But I feel like we made a huge one tonight!

The Christmas concert is always great, and I was so glad that I went and was able to watch my husband and support him in something he loves doing. Besides, at least in my mind, his select ensemble group that sang White Christmas was the highlight of the show...not that I'm biased at all =P

Getting the alert from Leni was another reminder that with her I will hopeful regain some control over my very unpredictable symptoms, and hopefully Nick and I will be able to have more REAL date nights instead of our ER "date nights." Plus, unlike last year, I didn't leave in an ambulance!! That's always a good day in Bokatopia!

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