Sunday, December 20, 2015

100th Post!!!

Can you believe this is the 100th post for this blog??

This blog was started on a whim and as a joke after a rough week ended with the maintenance required light coming on in the car. It was ironic as I had spent the entire week doing all sorts of medical testing, and I felt like my LIFE required maintenance. And so the blog was born!

Now, almost 2.5 years later, it is crazy to see what it has become. I never thought it would be read by anyone other than my mom and maybe a close friend or two.

While it's not in my nature to be open and share my struggles, I have enjoyed knowing that I have an incredible network of family and friends and even some people I've never met coming alongside my family and me during this season of life. It is humbling, but so encouraging. It is a vulnerable place to be, and yet I feel more secure than ever. My faith has grown in leaps and bounds as I have become more open about my medical journey and the challenges associated with it.

So thank you all for your support, encouragement, prayers, and just reading and sharing!!

Here are some fun facts from the blog that I thought I would share:

Top 5 Posts:

1) Letting Go
This post was written in August of this year just before the fall semester was to start. It described the decision my husband and I made for me to give up my teaching assistantship at Kent State because my health had continued to progress to the point where we felt that it would be too much for me to continue.

2) Saying Good-bye to Herman...Kind of
This was written in April 2015 when we made the decision that I needed surgery to place a "permanent" feeding tube after a 2 month trial with an NJ tube.

3) 30 Things About My Invisible Illness
Invisible Illness Awareness Week comes the last week of September every year. This was my post this year to do my part to find a cure/treatment for mast cell disease. There's no cure/treatment without research, no research without funding, and no funding without awareness, so I'm raising awareness!

4) Meet Leni!
Not surprisingly, you guys enjoyed reading a bit about the newest addition to the Boka family just this past October. We brought home Leni as my service dog, and we are continuing to grow in our partnership as a team.

5) Quick Update
Also written in April 2015, this was written from the hospital after I woke up from my PEG-J surgery.

There are views from all over the United States, including Oklahoma, Colorado, California, Alaska, Virginia, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, New York, Massachusetts, and more! There are also international views from Ecuador, Turkey, Germany, and Russia.

Thank you all for reading and following and doing life with us. I know that our struggles are no more than your struggles and am continuously humbled to know how many people are regularly lifting us up in prayer.

It's been fun for 100 posts, here's to 100 more!

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