Thursday, October 29, 2015

Big News!

What do you do when you are the poster child for #modernmedicinefails?

What CAN you do?

For anyone living with a rare disease, and often just chronic illness in general, there comes a time when you realize that doctors really don't know more than you do. In fact, for me, a lot of times, doctors actually know LESS than I do. When everything that "should" or "might" help me doesn't work, sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands...

Don't get me wrong, I'm still seeing way too many doctors (geneticist, allergist,  and endocrinologist in November, mast cell specialist in December, trying to get in to 2 specialty clinics sometime this get the picture) and still trying to figure things out, but we have decided that maybe there are other ways to better control my symptoms outside of what doctors can offer.

I've already tried a number of "alternative therapies" some of which have helped a bit and others have done nothing, so we are continuing to pursue other options. After a lot of prayer, hours of research, and God opening some doors, we have made a decision that we believe will help me gain some control over my reactions.

We have decided to increase the population of Bokatopia from 3 to 4!

No, I am NOT pregnant! But we are adding a member to our family. She is 1.5 years old, about 25 inches tall, and weighs close to 50 lbs. Her name is Lenore (aka Leni), she is a Standard Poodle, and she is my service dog.

Her primary tasks will be alerting to oncoming anaphylaxis, low blood sugar, and syncope (passing out). She is already trained in basic obedience and routine service dog tasks, and we will be continuing her alert training to be specific to the scents associated with my reactions so she learns to be in tune to changes in my body.

So that's our big news!! We are excited to welcome Leni to our home and hopeful that she will be a major part of my symptom management. Stay tuned for another post properly introducing her!!

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