Thursday, July 2, 2015

Water Park Fun

Last weekend Nick and I had planned to go camping! We were really excited since we hadn't had a chance to use our tent yet. We had a packing list, all our gear set up, all Bonk's stuff ready...then we checked the forecast...if you were in or around northeast Ohio last weekend, you can probably testify that out of all the weekends we could have chosen to go camping, we probably picked the worst one in June...

So we wimped out...yep, not ashamed to admit that we decided to enjoy our warm, dry bed instead of shivering on the wet ground with a soggy dog trying to get as close to us as possible because he's scared of the thunder...Nick and I both love outdoor adventures, but within reason =P

After cancelling our weekend plans, we found ourselves with a wide open weekend...when does that happen??? We took Saturday to relax and just hangout at home, but we decided to do something excited on Sunday. (Hint: if you read the title of this post, you know where this is going.)

At the beginning of the summer, we created a summer bucket list for us to do. We've actually been quite successful at checking things off our list! One of those was going to a water park. With our free weekend, we decided to take advantage and check another item off our list! Since the forecast was still rainy and cold on Sunday, we wisely decided to find an indoor water park to enjoy.

There are a couple parks within a few hours drive of where we live, but they were either a bit too pricey for us or looked kinda lame. We finally found one in Erie, PA that seemed to be a good mix of water park features and a reasonable price, plus they gave 50% off for students!

We. Had. A. Blast.

The past few weeks I've been feeling pretty down and struggling mentally, so it was nice to get out and do something fun. Even though I didn't last all day, and we left earlier than we planned, it was a huge blessing to be able to get out and enjoy something other than walking from the couch to the bathroom without feeling dizzy. We had a few hours of crazy fun on body slides, tube slides, and the wave pool. Herman didn't even interrupt the fun! I just covered the tube site with a water proof pad and tucked him into my board shorts and we were good to go! We did every slide there (even the two in the kids section =P) and did many of them more than once. For an indoor water park, the slides were really fun!

Story time:

Toward the end of the day, we were climbing the stairs to go down another slide when a lady stopped us because Nick was bleeding on his back. Some of the slides you rode down on tubes, but others were body slides, so we just lay on our backs. One of our favorites was one of these body slides, and Nick had scraped his back on the tube seams.

Here's the funny part: we had to go find the First Aid people to get him a bandage to cover the scrape so he wouldn't be a health hazard to everyone. Did you catch that?? We had to go to First Aid for NICK, NOT ME! Haha =) Just a little humor to make you smile.

We have another fun weekend planned to enjoy the holiday weekend. We are staying busy, and enjoying the time we get to spend with each other and see our family and friends. Hope everyone has a great Fourth of July!

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