Monday, April 13, 2015

Quick Update

I am out of surgery and have been in my room for a few hours. I am awake and able to communicate (obviously =P) and feeling okay. I do have a bit of pain and discomfort where my new tube is (Herman II, or Namreh as my growth group girls decided to name it) but that is to be expected.

The procedure was much better this time than last time, so THANK YOU for all the prayers! I was very nervous going in, but my doctors and nurses were great. We used a different medication than last time, and while I did have some moments of hypoxia (low O2) and hypotension (low BP) that made my doctor nervous, everything went alright. 

I am still trying to wake up since the medications they gave were much more potent than before, so I apologize if this seems scattered or disjointed.

Please continue praying! I will be in the hospital until tomorrow at least. I am hoping to be able to go home on time! Also pray for easy pain management and quick recovery!

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