Saturday, April 18, 2015

Post-surgery Update #2

No news is good news, I promise!

Sorry for not updating sooner. I know many of you have been praying for me this week. I am pleased to share that I really am doing well!

I had the surgery on Monday morning and was discharged late Tuesday afternoon (was SUPPOSED to be Tuesday morning, thank you insurance...). My mom had been with me in the hospital so Nick did not have to take off from work, and she stayed with me until Thursday. She is now back in VA representing Trippin with Jamie at the Accessibility Summit at Mclean Bible Church today, so go visit her!

Anyway, compared to getting the NJ tube, this was so much better! Everyone told me I would be happier with the PEG-J, but I was skeptical. Somehow having a tube surgically placed in my stomach didn't sound like an improvement. I was wrong. Despite having just had surgery, I really do feel way better than I did after getting the NJ tube. Herman II is already one up on Herman I =)

Being stabbed in the stomach >>> having a worm come out my nose =P

That being said, I am still sore. If you see me walking hunched over at any point in the next few days, it's because I was basically stabbed in my stomach (even my doctor said so!). My stomach is also still very swollen which pushes against the external bumper on the tube and is very uncomfortable. But I'm improving every day. I was able to go in to school for a few hours on Friday and ran 12 miles this morning, so I'm almost back to normal.

Just kidding on the 12 miles =P I have gone for a few walks and was able to get on my bike trainer in my apartment for a short ride, but no running yet. Hopefully I'll be running soon, though!

But seriously, I am doing well, and excited to see how I will be doing once I am fully recovered from surgery. It is very nice not to have a tube coming out of my nose and not to stick out so obviously when I'm walking around. I do still have my backpack with my feeds but I can tuck my tube under my clothes and if you're not looking for it, you can't really tell.

I hope I don't sound like a broken record, here, but please know that every time I say this, I am thinking about you all and so grateful.


Knowing there are so many people praying for me and my family is humbling. I don't think many people go through life hoping for a time where they are continually asking family and friends to pray because life is just that tough. I certainly didn't. But I am here now, and I've come to realize that those prayers are not just idle words muttered during a 30 second stop light. They are heart-felt communication from children of God to their father on my behalf. Wow! Like I said humbling...


I wish I could better express how much your prayers mean to my and my family. This season of life has been so hard, but we are not walking it alone. Thank you for living out Galatians 6:2. "Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ."

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