Monday, April 27, 2015

Birthday Date Night

If you're on facebook, you probably saw that it was Nick's 27th birthday last week!!! I really wanted to make it special for him since it was our first birthday celebration since being married. I was super sneaky and actually prepped dinner and baked a cherry pie the day before and cleverly hid them in our kitchen. Then I spent Monday evening doing everything I could to keep him distracted so he wouldn't accidentally stumble onto them...mission=success!

Dinner went well too! I was afraid I was going to have more than my fair share of "Pinterest fails" between making the pie and trying to have everything together for sushi, but it all turned out good! At least for Nick...

About halfway through dinner, my stomach decided the mashed potatoes I was eating were NOT an acceptable foreign object and I ended up in severe pain and extremely nauseas. My PEG-J tube is great for running feeds and really is more comfortable than the NJ tube was. HOWEVER, now when I'm in a lot of pain and nauseas and having bloating problems, it pushes painfully against the bumper of the tube that is holding it in place on my stomach, which added a new level of pain...I tried to ignore it for a while, and we finished dinner and Nick opened his presents. Then we decided that it was only appropriate to go out for a date on his birthday, so we headed to our favorite local establishment...the Twinsburg ER.

It's bad when the doctor not only recognizes me but also knows that I'm working on my PhD at Kent. We are practically on a first name basis with the doctors, and at this point I almost always get a nurse that I've had before because they "claim" me. But seriously, even the nurses joke that we should get a frequent flyer punch card.

We were in and out fairly quickly. They were full when we arrived, but I was able to get a bed in the hallway and at least got fluids going while we waited on some other patients to be discharged. Since we do tend to frequent the ER, they know my protocol and we just confirm whether there is anything else we are concerned about. Small blessings =)

Anyway, despite having an impromptu date night on Nick's birthday, he said it was still a good day, and we were able to finish celebrating his birthday on Wednesday by watching Big Hero 6! Overall, I'm still way better than I was before getting the feeding tubes. In the first 6 weeks of the year, I was in the ER 6-7 times. Since mid-February when Herman I was placed, I've been in the ER only twice! I still have good days and bad days, and things aren't "good" yet, but definitely improved.

I have a follow-up with my GI doctor in Pittsburgh on Thursday and go back to my primary next Monday. We are hoping to get some medication changes to better control my symptoms at home and trialing another MCAS medication. In the mean time, hopefully no ER visits!

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