Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Guess What Today Is???

Apparently I'm all about the alternative holidays...it wasn't Valentine's Day, it was Gastroparesis Awareness Day. Today you may THINK it's St. Patrick's Day...but you'd be wrong! Actually you would technically be correct, but more importantly, it's...BONK'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!

For those of you that don't know, Bonk is our pretty much amazing dog. He's turning 4 today, and I've had him almost 3 of those years. If you saw my earlier facebook post, "He likes dinner time (and breakfast), his duckie and penguin, treats, snuggling, car rides, and long walks on the beach (or just around the neighborhood and to the park)."

That about sums him up! I'm doing this post because I told a friend a few weeks back that I would put a picture of Bonk in my next blog post, and I just realized that I hadn't yet. So to make up for it, he gets a whole post to himself!


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  1. you would put a video of me playing with the dog toy...