Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday and Snow!

Happy February 1st!!

January seemed to fly by, and I can hardly believe that we are already into the second month of 2015. Crazy!?!? It feels like so much has happened in the past 2 weeks that it should be at least March...but I'm sure that will come fast enough on it's own.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!

I'm excited to watch the game today because it's supposed to be one of the closest match ups in years. I like watching football, but especially when the score is close and it's exciting! I don't really care who wins, but I guess I'm slightly pulling for NE only because I'm not a Richard Sherman fan...sorry Seattle!

Come on snow!

In other news, we're expecting a big snow storm tonight! Not great timing with the super bowl on tonight and lots of people driving and on the roads, but I'm still hoping we get some good snow. I've been joking with Nick that I'm secretly (or not so secretly since I'm blogging about it now...) hoping we get so much snow that even his work closes and we can have an impromptu snow day at home! We will see if that is Ohio after all...

And lastly, a quick update for those of you that have kept reading!

Nothing much to report right now. I had an appointment in Pittsburgh with my GI doctor and dietician. While we are relieved to have a diagnosis, there could still be a bit before we see resolution of my major symptoms and in the mean time, we still need to keep me "healthy" or at least as close to that as possible. So we were talking with them about new treatment options for my GI issues and what we can do to minimize ER visits and the pain and nausea. We are hoping that as we get my mast cells under control, all my other issues will begin resolving as it is likely that the stomach issues are not really GI related but connected to the mast cells. So we are starting some increased doses of medications to see if that helps and touching base with my doctors in another week.

Tomorrow will mark 1 week since I was in the ER last, so please be praying I can break my previous record! (We are ignoring the minor detail that I was admitted overnight so technically it's Tuesday, but since Monday was when we went in, I'm going with that.) I have an appointment with my primary on Wednesday to talk more about treatment options and how to manage until we get things sorted out.

Hope everyone has a good first day of February and enjoys whatever weather is coming your way! Go Patriots!

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