Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It's not ALL bad

Nothing new on the health front unfortunately. Still waiting to hear back from doctors...should be by the end of this week, so only a couple more days...what's another two days after 6+ months, right??

I got a call last week about the biopsy results we have been waiting on. When we were in MN in December, the biopsies had been reported in a different manner than Dr. Afrin was used to/expecting to see so he wasn't sure what to make of the percentages the lab had reported. When Dr. Afrin's nurse contacted the lab to get actual count numbers instead of percentages, the lab said that the quality of the stains might not be good enough to be able to give count that is what I'm waiting on. We are waiting to hear back from the lab whether the biopsies give us what we need or if I will need another endoscopy. Please be praying the lab is able to give Dr. Afrin the cell counts he needs for a diagnosis and that I will not need another endoscopy. I do NOT handle anesthesia well, so any time I have to be knocked out, it is NOT good.

Still trying to sort out my GI issues. Started a new medication this week...nothing to report as of yet...I go back to Pittsburgh in 2 weeks and will be able to sit down with my GI doctor again and make some decisions regarding treatment going forward.

Health aside, or even in spite of it, the past couple weeks have been good (well, except for the 2 ER visits last week...I forgot about those =P). Classes started back up on Monday. Or at least they were supposed to...but we got a SNOW DAY!! Okay, so it was really only a half day, but I took a whole day and didn't feel as bad since everyone was off for the morning. I wasn't feeling great on Monday and we only had one car since mine was in the shop, so it worked out well! It was kinda nice to sit at home and watch it snow through the windows and work on some grant proposals I have due at the end of the week. In the evening I had my first Bible study for the new year, then watching the first half of the National Championship game that Ohio State won! Go Buckeyes!

Since Monday was a snow day, my first day back for classes was yesterday. I am teaching statistics labs this semester, so I had my first lab yesterday afternoon. So far so good =) I spent a lot more time yesterday working on the grant proposals...I think I bit off more than I can chew with that...way more overwhelming than I expected, but I'm this far in, I'm determined to finish this grant on time! It's due Friday, so I'm going to make it!

Today I had my IRB meeting for my dissertation. I know, lots of PhD talk. Basically my dissertation is a big research project. The IRB is the Institutional Review Board that makes sure any testing that is going on is safe for the participants in the study. Some projects are easier than others to get approved...but mine seemed to go well and hopefully will be officially approved within the next week or so! Very exciting news! After having such a rough semester health-wise last fall, I made very little progress on my own research because any energy I had went toward the classes I was teaching. It feels good to be starting off this semester moving forward with my dissertation. Hopefully that continues throughout this semester, but at least it's starting well!

Tomorrow is another day of teaching labs and working on my grants. One is due Friday, that's the big overwhelming one that is way bigger than I expected. The other is due on Monday, but after finishing the first one will feel like a piece of cake (or in my case, a sip of a smoothie =P)! It's been a busy and draining week so far. I'm still struggling with not having a lot of energy and not sleeping well because of stomach issues, so I'm tired A LOT. But I try not to show it and push through as best as I can until I get home to crash on the couch. It feels good to be accomplishing things even though it's taxing and wears me out.

So that's what's up! Nothing much to report other than every day life...what a concept!?!? I've been feeling much more encouraged this week and more positive in general which I think has helped this week go better overall. I'm trying to find little things to be thankful for throughout the day even when I feel sick and worn out. Today I was thankful that my car got a new radiator because now I have HEAT again!!! With the subzero temperatures, this is definitely something to be thankful for! I was thankful for a good IRB meeting, making progress on my grants, and different flavored popsicles. Little things sometimes =)

As always, thank you for praying! Hopefully we will be hearing back soon from the doctors and have news either way.

What have you been thankful for this week?

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