Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 Wrap-Up

So right now it's about 9 pm on New Year's Eve. To be perfectly honest, I'm starting this now as a way to attempt to stay up slightly comments allowed =P Anyway, I've been thinking about this post for a while anyway, so now seemed like as good a time as any!

I did a similar post last year (check it out here: so it seemed like a good idea to look back on 2014 a year later. Plus, I found that when I did the 2013 recap, it reminded me of the good times when sometimes the bad and hard times seem overwhelming. Was 2014 a rough year? ABSOLUTELY!! Yes, yes, yes, in every sense of the word! Was 2014 a fantastic year? ABSOLUTELY!!! To quote Charles Dickens, "It was the best of times; it was the worst of times," and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

So without further's what happened in 2014!!

High - being in one of my best friend's wedding, starting a new medication that gave me a few months of feeling really good
Low - starting my last semester of classes (love my program, but so ready to be done with classes) still feeling sick,  having to wait 3+ weeks to GET the new medication because the pharmacy had to order it...story of my life

High - snowboarding with my (then) boyfriend and parents, celebrating Valentine's Day/Gastroparesis Awareness Day with my (then) boyfriend by going rock climbing
Low - hospital stay #1 for the year due to what we think is a mast cell reaction to my neighbors cleaning chemicals

High - nothing much happened this month other than, oh you know, GETTING ENGAGED!!!! Also had Seder with both my parents and in-laws (yes, this was a high =P)
Low - is it a good thing that I can't really come up with a low for March??

High - running the Pro Football Hall of Fame Half Marathon with my (then) fiance and parents, starting wedding planning
Low - wedding planning...haha, starting to notice the bad days making a come back...nothing bad yet, but noticing a difference

High - roadtrip to FL with my mom for the annual ACSM conference with my program at school, visiting good friends in GA, PASSED MY COMPS (officially on dissertation phase of my PhD!!!)
Low- more stomach issues increasing, driving A LOT...10 hours back and forth to my parents, about 24 hours back and forth to FL

High - apartment hunting!! Finding a place for me and my husband =)
Low - apartment hunting...trying to find a place that was close to work and school, allowed dogs, had washer/dryer hook ups, and didn't cost us our firstborn child was a bit challenging at times...

High - Dysautonomia International conference, moving into the new apartment
Low - health getting worse apartment (I hate moving...haha)

High - having my mom come out to visit in the new apartment, finalizing wedding plans
Low - starting to feel really sick and having to switch to a mostly liquid diet

High - GETTING MARRIED!!! Enough said.
Low - Our first ER trip as a married couple...and so it begins

High - loving married life!! 
Low - hospital stay #2 (after 3 more ER visits)...this time for GP, one of the worst hospital experiences ever...

High - really good doctors appointments in MN (Dr Afrin) and WI (Dr Chelimsky), feeling like we are finally making progress toward a diagnosis, Thanksgiving with my in-laws
Low - very sick, falling behind in school becuase I'm sick...delaying my graduation because of illness, LOTS of travel from OH to VA to MN to WI

High - Christmas Eve with my in laws, Christmas and New Years with my parents, ending the semester (finally...longest semester ever)
Low - still no test results...still stay #3 from a seizure I had from a medication change...

Healthwise, 2014 was a crappy year (pun intended...) but also a year where I feel like we have moved in a much more positive direction in terms of treatment and diagnosis than in years past. Outside of health issues, 2014 was fantastic!! Obviously getting married was a big part of that =) =) and I wouldn't trade that for anything!!! Not even a year of perfect health...and I mean that. 

As hard as this year has been and as many tears that have been shed, I can still look back and see all the positive that also played a part of making 2014 a year to remember. That being said, my New Year's resolution is to stay out of the hospital and away from doctors in 2015!! Although considering I have an appointment on the 2nd...I think that resolution will fail faster than all the new gym committments...oh welll...there's always next year!!! Haha

Happy New Year!!!

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