Saturday, November 1, 2014


Back in July I kinda hit a breaking point and finally (after much persuading on the part of my parents and now husband) made appointments with some specialists to try to figure out what's going on. These specialists were legit specialists so as usual, it took MONTHS to get an appointment. One was at the beginning of October in Pittsburgh with a Neuro-gastroenterologist. The other two are coming up this month in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

I'm both excited and terrified for these appointments. I am very hopeful kind of out of necessity and these visits will help sort things out and help us find better ways to manage everything. In a couple weeks I'll be in Minnesota for 4 days for an appointment with Dr. Afrin who literally wrote the book on mast cell diseases. When reading some of his articles, I could be the poster child for mast cell activation syndrome, so I'm looking forward to actually get an official diagnosis if that is what's going on. If it's not, my guess is that Dr. Afrin will know, and we can at least cross that off the list. The Wisconsin appointment is with Dr. Chelimsky who is a Neurologist. I met him at the Dysautonomia International conference in July which prompt me scheduling with him. I was very impressed when I met him in July, and he seemed to be really willing to work with patients and not tell them they are making stuff up or crazy.

And that's what I'm nervous about. Even though I've had a really good experience with Dr. Levinthal so far and both Dr. Afrin and Dr. Chelimsky get fantastic reviews from their patients, there is also some part of me that goes in expecting yet another doctor to tell me I'm crazy, or there isn't anything wrong, or (my favorite) I'm not sick enough to see them yet...Until I actually meet these doctors I know that I'll be kinda nervous, but I'm hoping and praying that we get some answers either way about what is going on.

I still have more than a week before we leave for Minnesota, but I can definitely say I've started thinking about it often. Another reason I'm a bit nervous is because we are flying to MN. The last time I was on a plane was on the way back from Mexico after a mission trip with my church. I had what we are now pretty sure was an anaphylactic reaction to some lady's perfume. That was REALLY scary, especially when they almost diverted the plane to Mexico City because I was reacting so badly. At least this time we are in the US, but that doesn't take away the nerves I have for flying. Especially since I've had a few more similar reactions in less enclosed spaces, so who knows what will happen inside the plane...On the bright side - I'm heading to see a doctor about these reactions so maybe it wouldn't be so bad if I had a reaction...oh the irony of traveling halfway across the country because of unknown medical issues. At least we are driving to Wisconsin...

So that's what's up for my November! Traveling all over the Midwest for doctor's appointments and hoping to get some resolution for all my issues. Not to mention teaching 3 undergraduate exercise science class, working on my dissertation, moving into month 2 of being married, and just managing life in general...not busy at all...of course not =)

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