Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Good Days

I feel like the past few posts have all been about the bad days and doctors appointments that go along with manage chronic conditions. The last few weeks have been rough, and I've had more days down than up...but there are still good days mixed in and that reminds me that it won't always be this bad and things can and WILL get better.

Today was one of those good days! It started off a bit shakey. I took my dog out for a walk early in the morning and it was freezing! Try feels like 3 degrees freezing...needless to say I decided a morning run was NOT happening. So I decided to get on my bike trainer in my apartment this morning. When I started I felt pretty tired and shakey. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get a good ride in, but as I kept going I felt better and better. It ended up being one of the best workouts I've had in a few weeks! AND, by the end of the workout, I was feeling something I hadn't in a while...I WAS HUNGRY!!!!

It still seems weird to say being hungry is a big deal, but for me it is...with the issues I've been having with my gastroparesis the past few weeks, it is a nice break from pain and nausea. Even better, I have been hungry all day =) =) I've been able to snack and just munch all day which has been fantastic!!! Again, thankful for small (or in my case, huge) answers to prayer. It seems like no matter what I've eaten today, I'm still hungry - WAHOO!!

Today has been a good day all around! I got a good bike ride in, started dinner in the crockpot, met a friend for coffee (or tea in my case), cleaned my apartment, re-organized my room, brushed and played with my dog - I call that being productive! Although, there was something I was supposed to do today...oh yeah, a FINAL's finals week at school and I have 1 take home left to finish. I was hoping to get it done today, but...oh well. Surprisingly I'm not all that stressed about it either! Ask me how I feel tomorrow though... But seriously, the fact that my stomach is cooperating, even if it's just for today, is enough to make it a good day. I'm going to enjoy the blessing of today by eating whatever I'm able and being productive in whatever I'm doing!! And not stressing about looming final exams that I have to finish by Friday... =)

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