Monday, July 22, 2013

Weird Reactions

The past few...I'm not even really sure how long they been coming and going, actually...but anyway, I've been getting random rashes/hives/itching/flushing. Sometimes it seems like I can pinpoint what is the trigger, like a new lotion or cleaner. A lot of the time, though, it will come out of no where, or be at a random time.

Just last week I was in the middle of running an exercise program and started getting really flushed and got a weird blotchy rash. It was practically 600 degrees in the gym where we were, but I put on a long sleeve shirt just so no one would ask. It didn't really work because wearing a long sleeve shirt when it's a gazillion degrees is weird enough, but at least I could pass of the flushing as being hot!

I have an appointment to see and allergist/immunologist who is supposedly familiar with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. This was something I had heard about a few months ago that seemed to be a very good explanation for a lot of my symptoms. At the conference I wrote about in an earlier post, a few of the doctors also mentioned MCAS and recommended I see a specialist after I told them my symptoms. So it's off to more doctors! Yay...

At least now I'm not feeling as sick as I was a few months ago. Even with these continued symptoms I'm at least able to keep functioning for the most part and not have issues. Except like breaking out in rashes or hives at random times...but, HEY, I can still eat! Most of the time anyway...

I had a MAJOR reaction to something last night that was one of the worst reactions I've had in a while. It was really odd, too. Usually when I start having stomach issues I get warning, it starts just a little uncomfortable and builds to more pain or discomfort or upsetness (is that even a word??). This time I had no warning at all. I was fine all afternoon, didn't eat anything unusual or different, then out of the blue I'm having major stomach pain/cramping and in the bathroom. It reminded me how thankful I am to not having issues like that everyday like I was a few months ago. But it also made me nervous and brought back the feelings of uncertainty and frustration and anxiety of not knowing why I was so sick. This reaction was so completely unprecedented, it made me start to wonder if there is more that we have yet to figure out...

But then this morning during my quiet time, God reminded me that regardless of how out of control I feel, how weak my body is, how frustrating my circumstances are - HE IS STILL GOD. He is in control of everything, He is strength in my weakness, and He can take even the most frustrating, discouraging, exhausting moments and use them for His glory. My struggles are not more than I can handle with God. He has and will continue to give me grace and strength for everything I face. As I continue in this season of doctor visits and the ups and downs of managing my health, I can (and WILL) trust God to have complete control when I don't.

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