Thursday, June 20, 2013

Race Report - Munroe Falls Triathlon

After the Ladies Choice Tri I did with my mom and our friends, I was so ready to do another triathlon. I had so much fun, especially since I didn't put any pressure on myself to race or push it. And my time wasn't all that bad either...maybe I've figured out my way of racing well...NOT racing, haha =)

Since my mom was training for a sprint triathlon at the beginning of June, and I didn't want to have to wait until August to race again, I decided to find a local triathlon around here. I found one that seemed super beginner friendly and low key, so I signed up!

I was excited for the race, but I ended up spending all week worrying about it...specifically, the water temperature. I have a wetsuit and had been using it during my training in one of the local lakes, but I really, really, really (really, really) didn't want to have to use it in the race. Taking it off had been about a 10 minute process, and even though I wasn't stressing about my time, I didn't really want a 12 minute T1 time...

Race day came and I was still stressing about the water. On top of that, the air temperature was only about 50 degrees so now I'm also worried about freezing after the swim. I was wearing sweatpants, a 1/2 zip, and a jacket when I picked up my packet, just to give an idea of how cold I was...and I thought I could swim without a wetsuit...

I ended up deciding to wear my wetsuit because I was doing this for fun and I would be miserable if I was freezing the whole swim and going into the rest of the race. I knew I would be a bit cold on the bike, but as long as I started warm, I would be okay. I got some tips from a few friends who were also racing, so I was hopeful that my T1 wouldn't be completely embarrassing =)

Swim - 8:09

The swim was fantastic!!! I didn't push it at all, I just wanted to enjoy it because this was my first open water triathlon swim. I loved it! It was a 400m swim - we started on a beach, swam out, around a green buoy, and back to the beach. It did not feel like 400m. In the pool, the swim can feel like it drags on FOREVER because all you see is the black line and lane after lane after lane. This was just a lot of fun. I got bumped a few times, but it didn't bother me at all. I felt strong and definitely like I could give more next time.

T1 - 3:06 (!!!!)

Not nearly as bad as I had feared! With a bit of bodyglide and some friendly tips, I was able to get my wetsuit off fairly quickly, at least quickly for me =) Helmet, 1/2 zip, and bike shoes and I was good to go!

Bike - 44:24

The bike was just over 12 miles, and definitely hillier than I had expected. I hadn't really had much of a chance to get outside on my bike, so the majority of my training had been on the trainer. It was 2 loops through neighborhoods around the park. I didn't mind the hills on the course, but I did mind the cars. There were police at every intersection making sure we were able to turn or cross safely, but the course was not close to traffic. We were often riding in the streets with cars behind us waiting for the traffic going the other direction to pass so they could go around us... =\ Since I hadn't been outside much, my handling skills are not great, so that made me nervous. I averaged 16.2 mph, which I was happy with, but I know I was definitely holding back in places because I didn't want to crash in traffic.

T2 - 45 sec

I was thrilled with my T2 time =) It definitely made up for the longer T1 time...I was 157 out of almost 200 for my T1...T2 was 39th! Just think of how fast I can go if I don't have the wetsuit...haha

Run - 20:30

The run was 2 times around a 1.5 mile loop around the lake. It was mostly rolling except for one big hill around mile 1 and 2.5. I hadn't worn a watch for the race because I didn't want to stress about my time and just have fun with it. That meant I had no idea how fast I was running, so I just ran by feel. I was passing EVERYONE. It was fun =P I felt a bit shakey off the bike, but I knew that feeling would pass so I just kept running through it. I felt really strong and knew I was running well, but didn't expect to do as well as I did...6:50 pace!!!!! That's faster than my 5K PR, and I definitely could have kept it up for another .1 =)

Total - 1:16:57

97 out of 200ish
5 of 12 in my AG (you should have seen the other girls in my helmets, aero bars, they were serious!)

Overall, I was VERY happy with my time. I had a blast and cannot wait until August to race with my mom! My next race is the Firecracker 5K on the 4th of July, and I'm thinking I should bike to the start since apparently I run best after swimming and biking =)

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