Friday, April 26, 2013

Youbars =)

At this point I'm pretty good knowing what I can and cannot eat with the wheat and dairy sensitivities. I know my tolerance levels and where companies hide ingredients, etc. But the fructose malabsorption is still relatively new and I'm learning. For instance, who knew that practically ALL gluten free products are either made with brown rice flour or sweetened with brown rice syrup...brown rice being on the maybe list for fructmal...That alone has made things challenging.

One food that I have been having the hardest time replacing are granola bars. All the "non-healthy" ones are made with tons of sugar in the form of honey or molasses and usually contain wheat or dairy, and the "healthy" bars often have, you guessed it, brown rice flour or fruit. So replacing the bars I used to eat has been slow going.

BUT I recently discovered youbars and they are fantastic!! It's a build-your-own granola bar website. They have all sorts of different combinations that you can make. It was really cool because you can pick everything from which nut butters you want to adding extra protein powder (they have DF and GF options?!?!) and different types of sweeteners. I was super excited when I first tried it.

Unfortunately, Attempt #1 crashed and ended up tasting very earthly and exactly like what you might think sawdust would taste like. Youbar has a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy though, so I called them and told them my problem. I had chosen 3 different protein powders thinking more is better since I'm always looking to add protein, but the rep said the combination of those powders can give the bars a dry/dusty taste. So I dropped 2 of the 3 proteins and added a second nut butter in Attempt #2 (which they sent me free of charge =D).

Attempt  #2 was a success! They came yesterday, and I've already eaten 2 =) The bars still have a bit of dryness too them, but that is probably because I can't use dates in the base of the bar like they recommend. So in this case it's probably good that my taste buds often like things other people don't... Haha, I will definitely be ordering another batch when I finish these...which at my current rate will probably be this weekend... =P

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