Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Foods!!

I'm finally at the point where the days that I'm in pain are less frequent than the ones where I feel good! Woohoo!!

I have actually had a stretch of a few days now where I haven't had any pain at all! I'm excited, encouraged, relieved, all of the above. But as I'm starting to feel better, I'm also starting to add foods back into my diet. I've been pretty strict with what I'm eating so I can get to this point where I'm not in pain anymore and am feeling good. Now it's time to begin trialing foods that are on the "maybe list" for fructmal to hopefully add some more variety to my diet.

So, the big foods that would be really nice to be able to add in are peanut butter, brown rice, bananas, black beans, and tomatoes. The black beans and peanut butter are both two of my favorite foods, but also good sources of protein since I'm always fighting to get enough protein in my diet. Bananas are just good =) and having another fruit option would be nice. The brown rice is a tricky one...I am fine with white rice, so it's not essential that I can eat brown rice. BUT I had no idea how common brown rice flour and brown rice syrup are in gluten free products. So even if I can't tolerate brown rices itself but can have the flour, that would make finding a GF cereal (or any other GF product) much easier. The tomatoes are more a convenience. Most of my crockpot meals that I love have salsa or tomatoes in some form in them...and now that some restaurants have GF pasta, it's often served with a marinara sauce (not to mention it's often brown rice pasta...). Even though I don't particularly like tomatoes by themselves, being able to have salsa or a tomato based sauce would be fantastic!

I started with black beans because I'm a huge fan...and it would at least allow my family to eat out at Chipotle or Moe's or something like that if we are out somewhere. The black beans have been going well so far. I seem to be okay up to 1/2 a cup which is fine because I usually eat them mixed with rice or quinoa anyway. I just started with peanut butter a few days ago, and so far have been doing really well. I've only been having about 1 tbsp at a time, usually on celery or with pretzels, but that amount has not given me any problems. I had peanut butter twice yesterday, at lunch and right before bed and had not had any problems yet...hopefully that will hold! Next on the list are bananas, so maybe Thursday or Friday assuming all continues to go well with the peanut butter.

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