Wednesday, April 10, 2013


You know how most people see the Entenmenn's bakery trucks and immediately want donuts or coffee cake...I see produce delivery trucks with pictures of fruits and vegetables all over the side and start craving grapes and bananas and apples and any other fruit.

The other day I was running one of my normal routes, but because it is now getting light in the mornings, it was at a different time of day. It was probably about 7 or 7:15 and I was running past a Jimmy Johns. They were getting their daily delivery of produce (at least that's what I'm guessing considering the truck...) and I started wishing for lots and lots of fruit =P

I'm hoping that as my stomach settles down I'll be able to increase what fruit I can eat, at least in moderation. Right now the only fruit I'm eating is a couple strawberries and half a would definitely be nice to be able to eat a bit more...

But on the positive side, a few days ago I tried green peppers and seemed to do well with those. Then yesterday I tried black beans which also seemed to go well! I'm going to try black beans again tomorrow and hopefully won't have any problems. I was kind of nervous because some people have said beans and legumes can cause issues with fructose malabsorption but that's another major food group for me and a good source of protein. So hopefully day 2 of black beans will cooperate and then I can move on to some other foods!

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