Sunday, March 31, 2013

Blogging...Take 1

The idea for this blog came about a few days ago. My mom and I had just sat down in my car after a week of GI testing for the stomach pain I had been having on and off for 6 years. The past 6 months had been especially rough, so I had spent my spring break undergoing multiple test trying to get a diagnosis. It had been a long week so the last thing I wanted was one more thing to do, but as I started my car the maintenance required light came on. At that point we both laughed because it was just just funny that it was one more thing at the end of a long week. I joked that it was a reflection of my life...always something going on and one more thing to deal with...and so this blog was born!

I have been diagnosed with an autonomic nervous system dysfunction (dysautonomia) called Neurocardiogenic Syncope. This affects blood volume and flow throughout the body. It also causes the disruption of many of the involuntary functions of the body that are typically considered "automatic." In my case the majority of my symptoms are digestive related. I have sensitivities to milk (all dairy) and wheat, and just recently was diagnosed with fructose malabsorption. Because of the dairy and wheat issues, the majority of my diet prior to that diagnosis had been fruit. My mom and I have been on the computer, trying to figure out what is left for me to eat. That's where we got stuck and the idea for this blog came about as we were climbing in the car.

There is no general consensus on what foods are good or bad for fructmal. There are some foods that are agreed upon that are BAD (such as apples, pears, onions, leeks, etc), and certain categories of foods that are GOOD (meats, eggs). However, there is considerable ambiguity with everything else. Not only is there some disagreement on what foods are acceptable, but the fact that fructose and fructans, its polymerized form, can be found in many ingredients cleverly disguised under other names... That makes it difficult for someone beginning this process of figuring out what is left to eat very, very (did I say very) challenging and a bit frustrating. I'm hoping that by blogging, I can keep a list for my own record of foods that do and do not work. In addition, as I'm starting to cook and find recipes that are okay actually taste good (that being the key factor =P), I can keep a record of those recipes for reference and be able to share them with whoever may want to bake/cook something for me =).

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